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Everything started with a hobby: the passion for beer brewing and the urge to develop things.

We proudly present the Vortex magnetic stirplate! Magnetic stirplates can be used in allot of applications. A popular audience are the hobby brewers or craft brewers. Making a healthy yeast starter is important to get a good fermentation (and a good beer). A great help for this, is a magnetic stirplate (or magnetic stirrer or mixer). This way, the starter will grow fast, efficiently and at a predictable rate.


Every magnetic stirplate is assembled with care and tested before shipping. We also strive to perfect customer service. A question or remark? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our magnetic stirrers are the result of many tests with different configurations. The stirplate uses very strong “earth magnets” which ensures good attraction of the stir bar, this way high rotation speeds are possible. Thanks to a combination of 3D printing and CNC milling, this affordable solution could be brought out. The magnets are perfectly centered through the use of custom 3D prints (housing is not 3D-printed). The front and back panels are machined with a CNC milling machine to ensure perfect alignment of the buttons and connectors.

The magnetic stirrer is delivered complete with Vortex magnetic stirplate, power adapter and magnetic stir bar. Replacement or additional stirring bars are also available in the webshop.

Magnetic stirplates are widely used in labs, these devices are generally very expensive. The “Vortex” magnetic stirplate is the solution to this problem! Good quality at an affordable price. Don’t wait any longer and order yours today!

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Kenny Liebert
CEO / Founder