Tastier and healthier water

Much healthier water

Is a common known fact that the human body mainly consists of water. Therefore, water is very important in our lives and drinking enough of it is good for your health. A way to achieve tastier and healthier water is by keeping it in motion. Water in motion will be aerated which starts a subtle chemical reaction that will purify the water of components that should not be present in the first place.

This principle is simple and backed up by science. When water is stationary, dissolved pollutants will remain trapped in the water. When the water is being put in motion (with a Vortex), these pollutants will escape and the water will be aerated, stay fresh and remain clear.

  • Stationary water stagnates (growth of algae, development of odor and toxins)
  • Moving water stays fresh and clear
  • Water stirred with the Vortex Magnetic Stirplate stays aerated and is healthier


What is aerated water?

Flowing water contains air, just like a fancy wine which is aerated by swiveling it in a decanter. This movement will make atmospheric air mix with the water and oxygen will dissolve. The oxygen in the water starts a process which makes water healthier and tastier. On top of that, harmful components will be broken down and removed from the water. This natural process can be achieved with the Vortex Magnetic Stirplate within 10 minutes!

How is the water quality improved with the Vortex Magnetic Stirplate?

  • Dissolved oxygen
    • The stirring motion will aerate the water with atmospheric oxygen. This will bring the water back to its natural form.
  • Slows down forming of a bio film
    • Stationary water is a breeding medium for all kinds of bacteria
  • Better taste
    • The motion and aeration removes bad smells and tastes from the water. Bring your water to a new level in terms of taste, smell and health.
  • Reduction of toxins
    • Removes carcinogenic and harmful chemicals from the water like volatile organic components (VOC’s), for example: trihalomethanes, radon, Hydrogen Sulfide, nitrogen trichoride, trichloroethylene, dichloroethylene, ammonia, methane, MTBE, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethane, chloroform, and toluene


Help nature a step forward

Did you know the “World Health Organization” (WHO) recommends drinking aerated water?

– Sustainable

Reduce the use of plastics by using a re-usable glass jar instead of disposable plastic bottles. Less plastic is a first step towards a greener world!

– Reduce your carbon footprint

With the Vortex Magnetic Stirplate you will use the water straight from the tap. Stop drinking water from plastic bottles that are shipped around the entire globe by polluting transportation.

– Better for your body, better for the planet


Vortex Magnetic Stirplate enhances EVERY type of water

– Tap water

Chlorine is used in tap water around the globe for killing off bacteria, viruses and parasites. This is off course a good thing, however, chlorine is also not good for your health. After less than 10 minutes, the Vortex Magnetic Stirplate will evaporate all these unwanted components from the water.

– Carbon filters

You probably know them: Pitchers with built in, replaceable carbon filters. These will filter chlorine and organic matter from the water. However when chlorine and organic matter meet in the filter, these can create THMs (Trihalomethane). This is a family of carcinogenic disinfaction byproducts. THMs are volatile and are evaporated during the stirring process of the Vortex Magnetic Stirplate.

– Fridge dispenser or other water fountains

These often use comparable techniques compared to carbon filters, however the buffer in the equipment can be stationary for longer periods which will lower the amount of dissolved oxygen. Keeping the water in motion will remove THMs and unpleasant odors that can be caused by these types of dispensers.

– Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a very good technique to filter water, maybe a bit too good. The water will be stripped from several useful components too. The water will be low in pH, dissolved oxigen and has a distinctive sharp taste. Aeration will make the pH and dissolved oxygen content go up. Also the smell and taste of the water will be improved.

– Bottled water

It does not matter what brand or volume of bottled water, the water has a low level of dissolved oxigen. The Vortex Magnetic Stirplate will balance the dissolved oxygen content, pH and will improve the taste.

– Conclusion?

Vortex Magnetic Stirplate improves your drinking water regardless the type!

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